Visit to Universal Studios, Orlando

So not so long ago I was in Orlando and in my previous post about #orlando I wrote about the visit to the Kennedy Space Center which is part of NASA . However, the first attraction we visited in Orlando was the Universal Studios.
Now I did a lot of research about how best to do this park and the online articles had advice about which rides to prioritize , going early etc etc but let me tell you that no matter how much research you do, be prepared to be overwhelmed when you get there, and that’s fine.

I would only give you 3 suggestions :

  1. No matter, what time of the year you go, buy the Express Unlimited 2 Park add-on/ ticket . With this both Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida can easily be done in a day.
  2. Do ride the Hogwarts Express Train, it really is a very nice experience
  3. Do catch a few comedy shows in universal studios, they are quite unique.

I won’t tell you which attractions are the best or in what order you should do them since all this advice has been done to death on the net . Instead I will let the pictures do the talking and feel free to ask my any questions and let me know your thoughts on the pictures in the comments section below.

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