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Raise the Red Lantern (1991 ) : Great Chinese Cinema

Da hong deng long gao gao gua (original title)

I am in love with Chinese Cinema and the artistic sensibilities of some of their directors like Yimou Zhang is really stunning and beautiful beyond any words I could use to describe them. While I love many of his movies, the one I wanna talk about today is Raise the Red Lantern.

It is about the house of a wealthy Chinese lord who lives with his four concubines living in their own sections of the house. In the evening, whichever of them have the attention of the master will have her lanterns lit .

Every frame of the movie is a visual delight and rarely have I seen such artistically impressive cinematography in a movie.

In addition, the movie stars my favorite actress Li Gong who was  also the lead actress in the hollywood movie Miami Vice (2006 ) starring Colin Farrell.

Li Gong …Image courtsey

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You can watch the full movie on youtube :

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